ow To Respond To Negative Reviews Qiigo

Responding to Negative Reviews? Follow These Guidelines

When it comes to local marketing, there are few things more frustrating than a one-star review. But if you run a local business in the internet age, you’ll need to respond to negative reviews at one point or another. Handling negative reviews is part art, part science, and a skill that every business owner should […]

Facebook Advertising in 2017

5 Big Facebook Advertising Changes That Will Dominate 2017

Twelve years ago, Facebook was a budding social network brushing up against big players like Friendster and Myspace. But in the decade-and-change since, the network has obliterated the competition and turned into the internet’s second biggest advertising channel. Facebook advertising now generates more than $180 billion annually, claiming 12% of the global digital advertising market. […]

old seo practices qiigo

5 Old, Ineffective SEO Practices (And What to Do Instead)

In the world of SEO marketing, best practices are constantly evolving. That can make it tough for brands to keep up. As a result, many brands still rely on old school SEO practices that are no longer effective. Below, the SEO experts at Qiigo have collected five outdated SEO marketing practices that are still commonly […]

facebook locations

Use Facebook Locations to Master Multi-Location Facebook Marketing

Marketing a multi-location business can be a headache online, but it becomes a lot easier when you have the right tricks and tools at your disposal. When it comes to Facebook marketing, one of the most useful tools for multi-location businesses is the network’s Locations feature. Facebook Locations make it easier to create a cohesive […]

Marketing to Millennials Qiigo Blog

How Successful Brands Use Digital Marketing to Target Millennials

There is no market segment more attractive — or more perplexing — to modern brands than millennials. Consumers aged 18 to 34 are now the largest consumer demographic in the United States and are spending upwards of $600 billion each year on products and services. But unlike their parents and grandparents, millennials are highly resistant […]

Qiigo Blog Facebook Instant Articles

What Does the Future Hold for Facebook Instant Articles?

When Facebook Instant Articles was announced in spring of 2015, it was expected to be a gamechanger for the way publishers shared content via the world’s biggest social network. But more than a year-and-a-half later, the Instant Articles format hasn’t made as big a splash as expected. In fact, some publishers are now shying away […]

Truth about marketing on social media

The Truth About Marketing Your Brand on Social Media

When it comes to social media marketing, it can all seem so easy — right until the moment it isn’t. With all the time we spend logged into Facebook, LinkedIn, and our other social networks, social media marketing feels like something that should come to us naturally. But many business owners fall into common traps […]

local listings management

Surveys: Local Retailers Struggle with Local Listings Management

When it comes to search marketing, organic success in local search depends on proper local listings management. But if you’re the average local retailer, chances are that you’re ignoring this crucial part of marketing your business online. In fact, recent surveys have shown that: Less than half of local retailers have claimed their Google My […]

facebook ads

Facebook Ads: Spending, Engagement, and CPMs Up; CPCs Down

Businesses that lean heavily on Facebook for advertising will be excited by news out of third quarter social media marketing reports this year. These reports show that spending on Facebook ads not only continues to grow but is also providing higher value for brands that use the network as a social media marketing channel. Examining […]

mobile marketing qiigo

Mobile Ad Spending to Top $70 Billion within 5 Years

Over the past ten years, the mobile ad market has exploded in a way that few could have predicted. With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket, purse, or hand, there are few better channels for reaching high-quality leads, and the market has responded. So, it should come as no surprise that the growth in mobile ad […]