Google Sued for Errors in Google Maps

Wed, Aug 6, 2014

What percentage of your business comes from Internet inquiries? What if online listings with your business’ address, phone number or hours of operation suddenly changed? Would business drop off? Could a notation of “Closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday” result in a 75% drop in sales? According to one business owner it did. Rene Bertagna, owner […]

Skybox Imaging Joins Google

Tue, Jul 29, 2014

Skybox Imaging builds satellites and provides imagery and video, analytics and applications related to their launched satellites. Google announced an agreement to acquire Skybox Imaging in June 2014 for $500 million. Google is expected to use the satellites and data provided by Skybox Imaging to enhance the already dominate Google mapping system. There is speculation […]

Google Maps Riddled with Errors

Wed, Jun 11, 2014

When a consumer searches Google for a business they assume they are getting real and accurate data. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. The instances of blatantly inaccurate and misleading listings on Google Maps are difficult to control. It’s ridiculously easy to create a false Google Maps listing. By creating a listing in Map […]

Google Launches Google+ City Experts Program

Tue, Aug 27, 2013

Looking to encourage more quality reviews for Google+, Google has launched its City Experts program. Available in selected cities in the United States, the U.K, Australia, and Japan, the City Experts program is available only to those individuals who have written 50 or more reviews and who can continue to contribute at least five (5) […]

Meet Waze – Google’s Newest Acquisition

Mon, Jun 17, 2013

Waze. Who? Waze. They may be new on the scene, but you’re going to be hearing a lot about them from here on out. Waze is an iOS map and navigation app that was just purchased by Google for an estimated, and whopping, $1.1 to $1.3 billion. Who or What is Waze? As we stated, […]

Strategies for Ranking Higher on Google+

Mon, Nov 19, 2012

Optimizing your Google+ profile is important to your business’ ranking and can answer the ever popular question, “Why is XYZ Business ranking above me on Google maps?” The answer lies in Google’s local search algorithm. Google relies on many different sources of information verification to determine which businesses are the most relevant and locally prominent […]

Google Directions Increase Interaction with Ads

Wed, Jun 15, 2011

Google Directions is a feature of local extensions that allows customers of Pay Per Click advertisers to “map the quickest route from where they are located to a business they want to visit.” Directions has shown to increase interactions with ads and be beneficial to users. When a Pay Per Click advertiser enables the location […]

Check In, Raise Your Status, Get Discounts! Google Enters the Location Based Deals Market

Tue, Apr 12, 2011

Going head to head with Groupon, Foursquare and Facebook, Google has entered the location based deals market with its new check-in deals service called Google Latitude. Initially rolled out in March with promotions targeting local businesses in Austin, Texas, Google Latitude now has national offerings available from prominent retailers such as Macy’s, Radio Shack, American […]

You’re Really Going Places…Google Places

Mon, Feb 28, 2011

Local search is the name of the game, and in this very important game, Google Places is the only name you really need to know. So how do you make Google Places work harder for your business? Getting comfortable with Google Places is all about maximizing your Places page and then using the new Google […]

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