SEO Investments on the Rise

Thu, Apr 2, 2009

Search engine optimization (SEO) budgets are increasing as marketing executives gain knowledge of how SEO can benefit advertising and marketing campaigns.  eMarketer is reporting that SEO budget allocations are expected to rise in the coming years as compared to other search marketing strategies. With the decline in the economy, customer acquisition is becoming more and […]

How to Turn a Negative Blog Post into a Positive

Sat, Mar 14, 2009

No one wants to see or hear a negative comment about their business. When you first read a negative blog post, you are likely to get a sinking feeling in your stomach. However, a negative blog post doesn’t have to mean impending doom. Instead of dreading seeing your company’s name, take this as an opportunity […]

Multiple Word Searches Yield Better Results

Wed, Mar 4, 2009

Bigger isn’t always better; especially in the land of search engine results.  Every company would love to be the first search result posted by Google or Yahoo.  But the reality is, that this is not going to happen.  With literally million of websites, the chances of coming up number one, or even on the first […]

Successful Local SEO Searches

Tue, Mar 3, 2009

To get the best results from local SEO searches, a few simple steps can make a world of difference.  Follow these quick tips and you should see improved results in your local SEO searches. First, spend some time researching the local link groups of the sites you are in competition with.  Finding out which local […]

28 Great Link Building Strategies

Thu, Oct 30, 2008

Link building can greatly help your business increase ranking within the search engines and cover any bad press about your business online. Here are some ideas that you can use to build links in the search engines: 1. Use social media. Social media sites such as FaceBook and MySpace are not just for the kids. […]

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