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Your plate is full, but you know that marketing is the key to growing your business. You need a comprehensive marketing plan that delivers a positive impact on your bottom line. Let Qiigo’s team of professionals lead the way with the Local Marketing Cloud. We take all the hassle and frustration out of trying to manage online marketing campaigns and let you focus on what you do best…running your business. We handle the rest.

How does the Local Marketing Cloud help you?

It all starts with the Genius Login. The Genius Login manages all your usernames and passwords. Simply login to the Cloud and easily access all the applications that are essential to running your business. Your Pay Per Click call dashboard, social media accounts and even your brand’s custom applications are all accessible from with just one login.

Mix and Match to Meet Your Needs

Are there certain aspects of your marketing campaign you prefer to manage on your own? With the Local Marketing Cloud, you can mix and match full service and self-service tools to meet your needs. We offer:

  • Guided SEO
    Customized, step by step plans and directions for managing your own SEO campaign.
  • Self Service Pay Per Click
    Run your own PPC campaign that features a tracking phone number and full dashboard reporting.
  • Full Service Pay Per Click
    Prefer to let someone else handle your PPC? Our expert PPC Specialists can run your campaign.
  • Local Search
    Ensure your company’s name, address and phone number are accurate in over 150 local search platforms.
  • Reputation Management
    In-depth monitoring of your brand online.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Use this module to gather actionable leads from social media that can generate dollars.
  • Mobile and Email Marketing
    Reach consumers on the go with mobile and email marketing.

If you’re looking for a way to bring even more value to the Cloud, find out how you can snap in your own applications for a truly customized feel by calling us today!

Qiigo Dashboard

Everything you ever wanted to know about your campaign can be found on the Qiigo Dashboard. This little gem of a site is your secure login center for a wealth of information about your Pay Per Click campaign.  Find out information such as:

  • Missed Call Alerts – find out when a call was missed because of a hang up or no answer with full caller ID information.  This feature has paid for a year’s worth of our service! Try it; we know you’ll love it!  This gets emailed to you in real-time so you can act quickly to save the sale!
  • When your busiest time of day is?
  • When your busiest time of week is?
  • When you miss the most calls?
  • Campaign Metrics
  • Campaign Trends – what can you discover by looking at aggregate data that you might not know otherwise?
  • Get Recorded Call Information – Find out how calls are being handled when you are out of the office or how the 3rd party call center is handling your leads.
  • Use the Dashboard to route calls to a different number based on time of day or day of week.

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