Google Minimizes Role of Exact Match Keywords in PPC

pay per click marketing qiigoOver the past few years, Google’s ability to understand language has grown leaps and bounds, leading to big changes for organic search and SEO. Now, those changes are starting to show up in Google AdWords, reshaping the way PPC marketing campaigns are conducted.

This spring, Google has announced that exact match keywords will play a minimized role in Google AdWords. The change widens the net of keywords that can capture PPC traffic and could fundamentally change the way PPC marketing professionals approach the AdWords platform.

We outline the changes below that Google has made and how they will impact future PPC marketing efforts.

Change Ignores Function Words & Word Order

Google already treats plurals, variant spellings, and misspelled keywords as “exact matches” for AdWords campaigns. But with this most recent update, there are two new changes Google is making to Exact Match campaigns.

The first change is that Google is now ignoring most function words for Exact Matches. Function words are linking words that include conjunctions (“and” or “but”), prepositions (“then” or “about”), pronouns (“her” or “they”), quantifiers (“few” or “all”), and modals (“could” and “should”). In most cases, Google now ignores these words entirely, removing them from queries when matching them to PPC campaigns. So, a search of “vacation in Barbados” will be considered an exact match for “vacation Barbados.”

The second change is that Google will also be ignoring word order on most queries. If, for instance, a user searches for “mens shoes red,” Google will that search as a match for “red mens shoes.”

It’s important to note that there will be exceptions. If Google’s algorithm detects that a function word is essential to the meaning of a query, or if it detects that word order matters, it will still make sure to match those keywords accurately.

What This Means for PPC Marketing

This change comes with a number of implications for PPC marketing teams. Google’s new “wide net” approach to exact match keywords means that PPC marketers now need to take extra steps if they want closer control over the keywords their ads are matched to.

By using negative keywords, you can eliminate variant keywords that you don’t want to trigger your ads. When crafting new PPC campaigns, marketers will need to take the added step of analyzing their chosen keywords to see if they could be matched with unwanted keywords. Any variants you don’t want should be added to the negatives for your campaign.

It’s also important for marketers to take periodic looks at their Search Query Reports. You’ll want to check over the keywords that are triggering your ads and look for keyword variants that you want excluded from your campaign going forward.

Generate clicks and conversions on your next AdWords campaign with help from the PPC marketing experts at Qiigo. Call (888) 673-1212 today to discover your road map to PPC success.

Gain Insight with Multi Channel Funnels From Google Analytics

Conversion tracking tells you when visitors to your site buy your product, complete a form, schedule an appointment, or do something that you want them to do. Setting up conversion codes is the basis of a successful online marketing campaign because it allows you to track how your website is doing and how your customers are interacting with you.

Currently, all the credit for closing the sale goes to the last ad, search or referral your customer clicks on before the conversion. Wouldn’t it be great to know what other marketing channels are playing an integral role in getting your customers to that final click? Now you can!

Multi Channel Funnels from Google Analytics is designed to help you track the role website referrals, searches, and ads play in a conversion. These new sets of reports will also tell you how much time has passed between a visitor’s initial interest and his or her purchase. With Multi Channel Funnels you will be able to:

  • Gain insight into which channels customers interact with during the 30 days prior to conversion
  • See which channels initiate, assist, and complete conversions.
  • View interactions with virtually all digital channels, including paid and organic searches, affiliates, social networks, and display ads.

For more information about how Multi Channel Funnels can benefit your marketing campaign, call Qiigo today.

Get a Sticky Landing Page that Minimizes Bounce Rate

bounceYou’ve just checked out your landing page stats and your bounce rate is through the roof. Wondering what is going on? Lots of clicks for your online ads, but no one is sticking around to find out what your page has to say? It’s a common problem. Here are a few simple reasons why your landing page may not be as “sticky” as it should be.

  • Your Ad and Your Landing Page Don’t Mesh. Do your ad and your landing page tell the same story? Do they have the same feeling and leave the same impression on visitors? If not, it’s likely those visitors are jumping off as soon as they land. Create that “stickiness” factor by ensuring you have created a connection between the messages on both pages.  If your ad is warm and cozy and your landing page is slick and cool, you are going to turn people off.
  • Give Clear Directions. Do you have a call to action? Is it clear? Be concise and direct. Tell visitors to your site what you would like them to do. “Click here to receive $10 off your order!” Don’t make them guess or jump through hoops to figure things out.
  • Don’t Be A Show Off. No one wants to hang out with a know it all. Use an easy, conversational tone that sets your visitors at ease. Speak their language and use a tone that is comfortable for them, make them feel welcome.
  • Keep It Simple. Don’t overload your landing page with too much copy. Keep it simple, make it easy to read. Keep sentences short and focused with crisp and concise thoughts. No long winded rambling monologues. Think in bullet points.
  • Don’t Rush It. Don’t be that seedy sales person who misses all the social cues and goes in for the hard sell. Take the time to build rapport with the visitor. Don’t demand the whole enchilada as soon as your visitor arrives.

If your bounce rate is high and your landing page could use a little “stickiness”, contact the Qiigo team.  Let us help you improve your landing page structure including engagement strategies that will decrease your bounce rate. For more information call (404) 496-6841 or (888) 673-1212.



Qiigo Named Finalist for Search Engine Marketer of the Year Award for Second Consecutive Year

Tech Marketing AwardsOn Thursday, November 17, the Technology Association of Georgia will present their 2011 Tech Marketing Awards at a Gala Awards Celebration in Atlanta. We are proud to announce that for the second consecutive year, Qiigo has been named a finalist in the Search Engine Marketer of the Year category.

This year Qiigo Account Executive Zach Dickens has been named a finalist for this prestigious industry award. The Tech Marketing Awards honor Georgia’s “best of the best” in the fusion of marketing and technology.  The 2011 Tech Marketing Awards honor individual excellence and achievements in eight categories ranging from Search Engine and Social Media Marketer to Analytics and Up and Coming Marketer.

Zach was nominated for his ability to provide creative marketing solutions, deliver proven results, and influence the success of our client’s campaign on a daily basis. Zach works with a diverse client base whose online marketing campaigns focus on a variety of goals ranging from local area marketing to national Pay Per Click campaigns.

Qiigo CEO Rick Batchelor took home the Search Engine Marketer of the Year Award in 2010.

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) is the leading technology industry association in the state, serving more than 13,000 members and hosting over 170 events each year.  TAG’s mission is to educate, promote, and unite Georgia’s technology community to foster an innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates and enhances a tech-based economy.

Don’t Ever Hear “We Couldn’t Find You Online” Again with Qiigo Pay Per Click

Any Lab Test Now

Being a new entrepreneur can be scary, especially when you have your entire life invested in your business. When you are just getting started, or even when your business is more established, it’s incredibly frustrating to not hear the phone ringing. Then to hear your clients say “We can’t find you online” or “We didn’t know about your service” is enough to make a business owner scream! When Jana Braden of San Angelo, Texas heard that from her ANY LAB TEST NOW® and InShapeMD™ clients, she knew it was time to sign up for the Qiigo Pay Per Click campaign.


With no previous experience with Pay Per Click campaigns, Jana wasn’t really sure what to expect. What she has gotten is an amazing turnaround. On the ANY LAB TEST NOW® side, Jana says, “I am so pleased with the results. 90% of my business is coming from the Qiigo Pay Per Click campaign.” For InShapeMD, Jana is getting at least half her business from the Pay Per Click campaign. Jana now breathes easy and gets to hear her clients say “I found you online!”

Helping our franchisee partners increase their leads and get the phone ringing is one of our main goals at Qiigo. We understand that our success is tied to your success, that’s why we don’t just “set it and forget it”. The Qiigo team is actively engaged in monitoring all Pay Per Click campaigns. We are always looking for ways to maximize your call volume and minimize your Cost Per Click.

By eliminating bidding against other ANY LAB TEST NOW® locations, eliminating unproductive keywords and utilizing various techniques to stretch your monthly budget, we are working to ensure that each franchisee gets the most bang for their buck. Your dedicated Account Manager, Zach Dickens, is always available to answer questions and work through the various metrics to find the important and meaningful nuggets of information for your location. Of course, you can also get vast amounts of information from the online call dashboard and the weekly Desktop Dashboard that is emailed to participating locations. With so much information at your fingertips, you will never again have to wonder what is going on with your Pay Per Click campaign.

To sign up for the Qiigo Pay Per Click campaign, or if you have questions about how Qiigo can get the phone ringing at your location, simply call Zach Dickens at (888) 673-1212 Ext. 875.

O’Fallon, MO Off to Strong PPC Start

Any Lab Test Now Building

As more and more franchisees initiate their Pay Per Click campaigns with Qiigo, a full-service online advertising company and a required vendor, more and more success stories are developing.

One such success story is the O’Fallon, Missouri location, which implemented its PPC campaign on June 1. Since switching from a previous vendor, Eddie Merabet’s store revenues increased 180% from $1,600 to $4,600. Drawing success from keywords such as ‘blood test’, ‘DNA blood’ and ‘STD’, the O’Fallon location is pleased with the notable improvements in results.

“I have seen a very dramatic change from my previous campaign and vendor. I am getting are very solid leads,” said Merabet. “This is exactly what I wanted from a PPC campaign. Although I was skeptical at first, Qiigo has delivered on everything they have promised. I would recommend Qiigo to any franchisee.”

Merabet is able to verify that his leads were generated by his Qiigo PPC campaign by actively managing his store’s call dashboard, which is given to each store that starts a campaign. This real-time system updates as calls are received and provides useful information including reverse look-up caller ID, time and duration of each call, call status and call recording. Qiigo account holders are able to use this valuable information to make strategic staffing and marketing decisions, and most importantly, measure return on investment.

Unlike other providers, Qiigo’s PPC solution is adjusted on a daily basis by its superior automated system. Through constant monitoring, Qiigo can provide maximum value (cost per click) among all franchisees without the risk of bidding against other ALTN locations, or paying too much for each click. In addition to its comprehensive dashboard, Qiigo’s PPC data is integrated with our new Sugar Customer Relationship Management system, which will be available system-wide over the next few months. Your PPC information will help you determine which “keyword” is resulting in a sale (down to the transaction level), as well as keeping valuable customer data (including zip codes, phone number, etc.) to enhance your other marketing efforts. Qiigo provides an easy to understand system that allows you to easily navigate the often confusing world of online advertising (specifically, PPC).

But it’s all about results, or in marketing’s case, leads (or phone calls). It is estimated that your PPC campaign with Qiigo – given a $1,000 budget – will typically deliver 80 inbound calls per month. With your trained Medical Assistant and commitment to customer service, most of these calls will result in a sale, which will increase your revenues. Qiigo’s system offers accountability for every dollar spent, helping you maintain a profitably business.

“Utilizing a single PPC vendor allows ALTN franchisees to leverage the power of the group and take advantage of economies of scale. As franchisees and Qiigo continue to work together, everyone will benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the group. Additionally, individual franchisee locations will benefit from a lower monthly management fee as more franchise locations sign up and will no longer compete against each other for the click, thus driving down their Cost Per Lead. Furthermore, this consolidated PPC effort will protect the brand and better yet, increase leads at the store level by as much as 10-20% or more depending on the territory,” said Qiigo President Rick Batchelor.

Sarasota’s PPC Program Brings Instant Success

After purchasing the Sarasota store early last month, owner Patrick McManus is having success with ANY LAB TEST NOW®’s new Pay Per Click (PPC) partner, Qiigo. His PPC campaign began the same day his store opened (June 1), and the phone calls flooded in.

Any Lab Test Now Building

“Partnering with Qiigo has been great. Everyone there has gone above and beyond to help me get started and answer all my questions,” says McManus. “I knew that having a solid PPC campaign in place was important. Working with the team at Qiigo was absolutely the right decision. I couldn’t ask to work with a company with a better philosophy or quality product!”

In the first two weeks, the Sarasota PPC campaign generated over 45 leads with an average cost per lead of $7.66. From a small business standpoint, Cost Per Lead (CPL) is the most important metric because it means an action has been taken – the customer has made a phone call after clicking on the ad. On the contrary, Cost Per Click (CPC), another common metric, means the user “clicked on the ad” (the ad you paid for it), but no ‘action’ was taken. In comparison with PPC, the cost per lead for direct mail can exceed $38 per lead.

Qiigo specializes in centralized PPC and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management for franchise companies. As part of the relationship, Qiigo offers ANY LAB TEST NOW franchisees dedicated support, full integration with our soon-to-launch SugarCRM system, extensive real time tracking and reporting features (built into the system), call tracking (which records the phone number), incoming call for training and quality control, and reverse look up. The tracking data also tells franchisees which zip codes callers are coming from, providing insight for future marketing strategies and possible location expansion. One of the best features with Qiigo is its ability to help franchisees in the same city save money by preventing them from bidding their PPC campaigns against each other.

Because of the myriad of benefits with this fully integrated solution, Qiigo is a required PPC vendor. If franchisees are currently involved with another PPC vendor, it is recommended to honor the duration of your contract and migrate over to Qiigo after its completion. For franchisees using another Pay Per Click vendor, those who sign up with Qiigo before August 1 will have their Set Up fee waived – a $300 value!

To get started with Qiigo today, please call our dedicated account service representative, Zach Dickens at (678) 999-3941.