Getting the Greatest Impact from Your Testimonials

One of the best days for any business is when you get an email or letter from a client or vendor praising your work, product or service. We all need validation for our work and hearing back when something went right makes the day that much more enjoyable. As business-owners we are always looking for ways to share this type of positive feedback with our clients. Here’s how to get the greatest impact from your testimonials.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask. If you have been working with a client who is giving you positive verbal feedback, don’t be afraid to ask them to put it in writing. Tell them how you intend to use the testimonial (online, brochures, email blasts, etc). Ask them to include mentions of specific products or services you would like to draw attention to. Some clients may not be comfortable writing their own testimonial. If you run into this situation offer to write it for them, based on their previous comments, and have them approve it for use.
  • Use it here, Use it there, Use it EVERYWHERE! From Ezines to websites, there are many places that can benefit from a well placed testimonial. If you have an Ezine, include testimonials at the end of your featured article. On your website, you can have a page dedicated to testimonials, but don’t overlook the impact that they can have when placed throughout your site. Traditional marketing materials from direct mail to newspaper ads to brochures are a great place for testimonial usage. A call out box is a great way to draw attention to the positive words your clients are sharing.
  • Variety is the spice of life. Rotate your testimonials for maximum impact. Don’t use the same words on every marketing piece all the time. Use different quotes in different places at different times. Try to marry the testimonial to the product or service you are highlighting. A general endorsement of your company can be used in nearly any application. Just remember to keep it fresh and new.
  • Put a name with a face. If possible, try to get a photo of your client or a logo to use with their testimonial. If you are using a testimonial from a client who is also a business owner, offer to use their quote with a link to their website. Everyone wins in this scenario. For real impact, have your client’s record or video tape their endorsement. Posting the video to your website, YouTube, Facebook or MySpace is a great visual for your business.

Testimonials are valuable marketing tools. Use them in as many situations as you can. They are a no cost way to draw attention and add credibility to your business. Don’t let your business’ testimonials go to waste.

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