Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Your customers are talking. Are you listening?

“I love this place!”

“…can’t wait to go back.”

“…the bathrooms weren’t clean.”

“I go there all the time.”

Did you know two-thirds of people are more likely to buy from a local business if they find positive comments about it online?

Conversely, half are less likely to buy if online comments are negative.

Good or bad, people post their opinions about your business online. Knowing that your potential customers are seeing these opinions before giving you a chance, makes it critical that you monitor them and respond. Your reputation depends on it. 

See the bigger picture

With Reputation Management from Qiigo, you can view every comment made about your business across a multitude of online sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Foursquare.

With in-depth monitoring of your brand online, you’ll finally be able to respond to consumer comments easier and faster.

Aggregate Social Media Reviews

45% of adults report they regularly visit a brand’s social media page.

With Qiigo’s Reputation Management, you don’t have to watch all your pages individually. And you don’t have to wonder what consumers are saying on their own pages or on other sites.

We monitor social media sites for you—including Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare—then we report back to you.

Monitor Your Competition

Staying on top of the competition can give you strategic insight into what changes your business needs to make and what is on the horizon.

Qiigo’s Reputation Management provides a detailed account of what people are saying about the competition and how you rank in comparison.

Maintain 42+ Local Business Directories At Once

When consumers find a wrong address or phone number online, you’ve lost them to the first competitor whose phone number works.

Qiigo’s Reputation Management ensures your contact information is correct by submitting it to more than 40 local business directories.

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