Local Listings

Local listings

Improve SEO Value and Create Brand Consistency

How Local Listings Work

Online local directories have significant SEO value and dominate local search results. Getting your site on page one can be the difference between landing a new customer and a phone that doesn’t ring.

Inaccurate search information about your business — incorrect or partial information, duplicate listings, and closed business listings — lead to consumer confusion and a loss of business.

Local Listing Management from Qiigo creates, edits, claims, and maintains online local listings for national brands, preventing you from having to deal with the frustrations associated with maintaining your online presence. 

Consistency is the name of the game

Managing your online local directory listings is time consuming.

For maximum impact and search value, you must monitor your business name, address and phone number (NAP) across more than 1600 directories, social sites, and review sites. The more accurate and consistent you are, the higher you’ll rank. 

Though you can reasonably expect to be listed on just 1/3 of these sites, it’s still a large task to monitor and maintain this much information. You’ll likely need help.

Local Listing Management from qiigo

Qiigo’s Local Listing Management provides a comprehensive, integrated strategy that also includes reputation management, social media monitoring, and local SEO, giving you measurable solutions for your brand.

We fix difficulties with…

  • Duplicate listings
  • Listings with incorrect or partial information
  • Orphaned listings
  • Lost passwords
  • Unclaimed listings
  • Brand inconsistency

How National Brands Benefit from Local Listing Management

Qiigo’s centrally managed Local Listings program is the most cost-effective and efficient way for national brands to manage online local directory listings.

  • Capture More SERP Real Estate
    Get more of your locations to show up on page one of search engine results pages.
  • Create Consistent Brand Messaging
    Minimize the risk of off-brand messaging and communications.
  • Increase Brand Visibility
    Build trust with consumers by ensuring your brand shows up frequently.
  • Promote New Locations
    Provide search engine value to new locations from the day they’re open.
  • Maintain SEO Value
    Salvage or transfer SEO value to a new owner when a location is closed or resold.
  • Get Brand Level Reporting
    Monitor all directory listings from a single screen and drill down to individual location information as needed.
  • Have More Time to Run Your Business
    Let Qiigo do the time-consuming work of marketing for you so you can focus on running your business.

Want More Information?

Our experienced Qiigo team can walk you through it.

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