Best Practices for Managing Online Reviews

Most shoppers now trust online reviews as much or more than recommendations from close friends. Meanwhile, roughly 8 in 10 users will check online reviews before making a significant purchase. Needless to say, businesses can no longer take a laissez faire approach to their online reviews. Without a proactive review management strategy, you’ll be leaving […]

Getting Them To Click

Google Ads remains one of the most popular and cost-effective channels for digital marketers, boasting strong and easily measured ROI. Yet for some brands, paid search delivers middling results. Despite spending a good chunk of time and money on pay-per-click, these brands struggle to translate their investment into clicks. A low click-through rate is the […]

Mastering the Essentials of Organic SEO for 2019

For many brands, organic SEO is a tricky part of digital marketing. On the one hand, organic search plays a huge role in modern purchasing behaviors. On the other hand, modern search algorithms — like Google’s AI-driven RankBrain algorithm —are increasingly opaque. They’re also constantly changing, which raises concerns about the long-term impact of optimization. […]

Why Your Brand Needs a Mobile-First Website in 2019

Web design experts and marketing specialists have been championing mobile-first design for years. But in 2019, brands need mobile-first web design more urgently than ever.  That’s not just because most online traffic now comes from mobile devices. It’s also because companies like Google are transforming their own services to favor mobile-first usage. Let’s take a […]

Generating Franchise Leads with Digital Marketing

When you’re developing a franchise brand, your survival depends on your ability to generate leads. Your brand can’t grow without qualified franchisees — even if you’ve created a strong franchise offering. To succeed, you need an equally strong system for generating franchise leads. Digital marketing will play a central role in this system. To attract, […]

Digital Marketing for Restaurant Brands Part 2

In our first post on digital marketing for restaurant brands, we discussed the six courses you need for successful online marketing. We then detailed how to approach two of those six courses — search engine optimization (SEO) and local listings management — to help you build an effective organic web presence. Today, we’re looking at […]

Using Hashtags for Local Marketing

If your small business is active on social media, you need to be hashtag fluent. In the right hands, hashtags can help your small business reach a much larger share of local customers. But in the wrong hands, hashtags can be easily abused, with cringe-worthy results. While hashtags are easy to misuse, they’re not that […]