SEO Trends for 2021 You Need To Know About

Some trends are just fads, while others become classics that never go out of style. When it comes to SEO, it’s important to know one from the other. Before you dive into your SEO strategy for 2021, it’s a good idea to brush up on which trends have sunk into oblivion and which ones are […]

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Preparing Your Facebook Ad Campaign for the iOS 14 Update

Apple is known for regularly updating their iOS operating system. The most recent version is iOS 14.4, an update for which is available now. As consumers update their phones to this new system, they will be laying the groundwork for greater options for protecting their privacy. This most recent update is the precursor to one […]

How To Use Online Reviews To Generate More Leads

It may not come as a huge surprise that positive online reviews are crucial to lead generation. After all, many consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust their friends’ and family members’ accounts of their experiences with local businesses. Today’s consumers are savvy enough to do some quick research before making a purchase, […]

Why 2020 Was The Year Businesses Embraced Digital Marketing

Over the past several months, many businesses have focused on honing their digital strategy to help them get through the ups and downs that sheltering in place and changing regulations have brought on.  As we move into 2021, businesses will become even more reliant on digital marketing. For many, it will be the key to […]

Local Services Advertising: Recent Updates from Google

Local Services Ads (LSAs) are a great tool for connecting with potential customers in your local area while maintaining control over your marketing budget. Distinct from Google Pay per Click, Local Services Ads offer a range of unique features and a results-driven, pay-per-lead cost structure.  One of the most innovative aspects of LSAs is they […]

Understanding Google’s New Identity Verification Policy for Advertisers

Back in 2018, Google rolled out an identity verification policy for political advertisers. The goal of this policy was to increase transparency and provide users with information about the entities behind political ads. Now, Google is proceeding to expand this policy beyond the world of political ads, eventually reaching all advertisers on the company’s platforms. […]

Creating a Strong User Experience for Your Website

With so much emphasis being placed on maintaining a social media presence these days, it can be easy to forget what a powerful tool you have in your brand’s website. In fact, your website should be considered the focal point of your marketing efforts.  While your social media accounts are important for stimulating customer engagement […]

The Importance of Custom and Local Reporting for Franchisees

If there’s any one single key to franchise growth, it’s data. Having access to customized, local reporting of data is crucial for franchisees to expand their customer base and make day-to-day decisions. While franchisors typically work with raw data, it’s less common for franchisees to have a chance to view data that is applicable to […]

Recruitment Advertising: Recent Changes from Facebook and Google

What’s Happening? Facebook and Google have recently implemented changes regarding targeting in several categories, including employment. Employment advertisers will no longer be able to target or exclude users based on demographic data such as: Gender Age Parental status Marital status Zip code The goal of these new policies is to improve access to employment opportunities […]