15 Things Your Website Should Be Doing…But Probably Isn’t

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It’s not Al Gore’s internet anymore! MySpace, Google, Facebook and YouTube are changing everything! If you’re not capitalizing on their dominance, you’re slowing your company’s growth!

Today’s consumers–and today’s franchise buyers–are increasingly sophisticated and use the internet more and more every day. For shopping, for news, for selling their “stuff,” for keeping in touch with family and friends, for learning, for recommendations, checking on their favorite sports teams, singers, actresses, and for finding the best franchise in which to invest!

If your company is not keeping up with the rapid changes on the internet–you’re falling behind. And it’s obvious! Your site is “old” if it hasn’t had a major facelift in the last 3 years!

There are 3 main points of focus for Franchisor Websites and we’d like to spend some time discussing how the internet can impact each:

  • Prospecting for, and Signing, New Franchisees
    • Search Engine Optimization
      • Focus on Niche Keywords
      • Repeat them on your Homepage
    • Pay Per Click Advertising–Google AdWords, Yahoo Search, MSN Landing Pages
    • Geo Targeting
    • Educating Prospects
    • On Line Reputation Management
    • Sales Presentation: Webinars
    • Video Demonstrations & Testimonials
    • Email Marketing
  • Finding Clients & Customers for Your Franchisees
    • Building Your Brand
    • Creating a Buzz
    • Social Media or Social Networking
    • Each City (or Unit) Should Have a Page
    • A Media Room where Press Releases and Articles are posted for the Media.
    • Coupons to Drive Traffic to Stores
    • Geo-Targeting
    • Public Relations
    • On Line Reputation Management
    • Video Demonstrations & Testimonials
    • Surveys
    • Customer Newsletters (Talk to the People that will Listen)
    • How Do You Overcome Negative Postings on the Internet?
    • Social Media–Facebook
    • Email Marketing
  • Communicating with Your Franchisees
    • Operations Manuals
    • Forms for Royalties
    • Dashboards
    • Chat Rooms-Bulletin Boards-Blogs
    • Educational Webinars
    • Surveys
    • Franchisee Newsletters
    • Posting Advertising Materials
    • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
    • Quarterly Town Hall Meetings
    • Best Practices Examples
    • Knowledge Repository
      • Presentations
      • Proposals
      • White Papers
      • Training Modules
    • Daily/Weekly News
    • Calendar of Events
    • Team Web Sites
    • Internal Metrics
    • E-Learning: Training for Franchisees & their Staff
  • Technical Decisions: Do Customers & Franchisees Use the Same Website?
    • Can Franchisees post their own sites?

Sites You Should Review:

  • YouTube.com; Facebook.com; MySpace.com; LinkedIn.com; CopyScape.com; SpyFu.com; Go-To-Meeting.com; MyMeeting.com; Google Analytics; Twitter.com; Google Alerts; Yelp.com; AngiesList.com; Wikipedia.org

Point to Ponder: Is Your Website Your Number 1 Lead Generator or an 8-ton Dinosaur that’s Embarrassing You?

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