The Wave of the Future is Now…Google Now

Google Now

Do you wish you had someone or something to help your day run just a little bit more smoothly? With Google Now you will have constant advice and input from your Android phone. Google Now is changing the way traditional search functions. You will no longer have to go through the process of entering your query into a search box and waiting for results, Google Now provides data without ever bring prompted by a search!

Unveiled at its recent Google I/O developer conference, Google Now will provide automatic information in a widget-like format on your Android phone. Hugo Barra, director of product management for Android, describes the information as being displayed on “cards” in tile-sized pieces of data. The information is gathered based on the data you provide to Google via your calendar, location, web searches, check-ins, transit routines, etc. As you provide more data to Google, they will provide you with more detailed information via Now.

Here’s how a typical day might look with Google Now.

You’re rushing out the door for work as Google Now reminds you your 9:00am meeting starts in just 25 minutes. As you start the car, Google Now has learned from your previous daily commutes that you are just 15 minutes from the office, so it lets you know you have enough time to run by your favorite coffee shop for a little morning pick me up because it has already checked to make sure traffic is clear all the way to the office.

As lunch time approaches, Google Now reminds you of the lunch meeting with a new client, provides route details to the restaurant and offers suggestions for the best dishes to order. As you head for home that evening, Google Now will route you to the gym for the work out you have scheduled before sending you by the dry cleaners to pick up your order.

With Google Now the more data you provide in your calendar, via your browsing history and other online information, the more robust the suggestions you will receive. “Your cards will get smarter and more accurate as you use them, and we’ll be adding more cards over time,” says Google.

Imagine the possibilities. It’s like having a personal assistant helping you get through the day.

I mean really, if only my wife could read my mind like this…“Why yes, honey, I did need a fresh beer and the TV remote. Thanks so much!” 😉

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