Surveys: Local Retailers Struggle with Local Listings Management

local listings managementWhen it comes to search marketing, organic success in local search depends on proper local listings management. But if you’re the average local retailer, chances are that you’re ignoring this crucial part of marketing your business online.

In fact, recent surveys have shown that:

  • Less than half of local retailers have claimed their Google My Business listing.
  • Only a third have claimed their listing on Yelp.
  • Less than a quarter report claiming a listing on Yahoo!, Yellow Pages, Bing, or the Better Business Bureau.

According to the same surveys, nearly three quarters of local retailers don’t invest time in local listings management. If you’re one of these businesses, this might not seem like a big deal. But without proper management of local listings, it can be tough or impossible for users to find your business when they search for it online.

Listings Key to Local SEO Success

Local listings perform two key functions in local SEO. First, Google and other search engines use local listings to double-check your business’s address, phone number, and name. If major listings are wrong or enough smaller listings contain false information, Google can tell users the wrong information for your business.

Second, search engines use local listings to measure the popularity and relevance of your business. The higher the quality of your listings and the more listings your business has, the better your business will perform in search results.

So, when more than half of local retailers fail to claim their Google My Business profile — the first and most important step in local listings management — they make their businesses far less competitive online. That opens up opportunities for businesses that put in the work when it comes to local listings management.

Self-Managed Listings vs. Using an Agency

Local listings management can be a complicated process. It takes the right tools and experience to track down listings for your company. Meanwhile, building new listings or correcting problems with existing ones can take seemingly forever without local listings management experience. As a result, 38% of business owners who attempt local listings management on their own believe that their work is ineffective.

On the other hand, an agency with local listings management experience can cut the time and costs associated with hunting down, correcting, and building local listings. Agencies have a range of tools and systems at their disposal to hunt down inaccurate listings and discover new listings opportunities. Most local businesses find that agencies perform effective local listings management work, with nearly 40% of local retailers who use agencies saying their work is very/extremely effective at local listings management.

Need a hand with local listings management? The team at Qiigo can help. Call our agency’s experts today at (888) 673-1212 to find out how we make local listings management easy for brands and local businesses.

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