Multiple Word Searches Yield Better Results

Bigger isn’t always better; especially in the land of search engine results. Every company would love to be the first search result posted by Google or Yahoo. But the reality is, that this is not going to happen. With literally million of websites, the chances of coming up number one, or even on the first page, are slim to none.

So how do you get your business listed at the top of the first page? By narrowing the search with additional keywords. As you add keywords your chances of coming up on top will increase exponentially. Let’s look at SEO as an example. Watch how the number of search results decreases as you add keywords:

Search Keywords Results*
1 SEO 262,000,000
2 SEO Company 10,700,000
3 SEO Atlanta 1,560,000
4 SEO Company Atlanta 334,000

As you can see, adding just two keywords to your search provides a more refined list of results. According to leading industry experts, as much as 50% of all searches conducted now include three or more keywords.

So what does this mean for the average company trying to increase their search engine ranking? Changing the focus of your SEO efforts to multiple keyword searches will garner far better results for your business. Don’t waste your efforts trying to develop catchy one-word product names. Building results based on three or more keywords will benefit you over the long run.

Source: Search conducted on Google, March 4, 2009

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