Dramatic Jump in Mobile Ad Searches Related to Super Bowl TV Ads

Super Bowl TV Ads

Following what was a record setting ratings day for Super Bowl viewership, with 111.3 million people tuning in to the big game, statistics are rolling in on how mobile ad searches corresponded to TV ads during the game.

Global ad network, inMobi, reports 39% of survey respondents “used their mobile device in response to a TV commercial during the game.” This active engagement with commercials means they were discussing commercials, getting more information or re-watching TV ads after their first run during the game.

What is perhaps more impactful for advertisers is the data coming out of Google’s headquarters this week. Google is reporting that during the game “41% of Google searches in the US related to Super Bowl TV ads came from mobile devices.” Google is also reporting dramatic increases in Super Bowl related searches in the US including:

  • 200% increase on desktops
  • 970% increase on tablets
  • 2700% increase on smartphones

Smartphone and Tablet searches

The impact is clear…advertisers need to be aware of the presences of smartphones and integrate mobile marketing into their campaigns.

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