Online Reviews Heavily Influence Purchasing Patterns

It’s no secret that consumers seek information from a multitude of sources before making a purchasing decision. What may be surprising is the degree to which consumers are influenced by the information they view online.

Both positive and negative reviews heavily influence purchasing patterns. Research has revealed that 87% of shoppers have been influenced by positive information found online about a product or service recommended to them. While this is encouraging, on the flip side, 80% of shoppers have changed their minds about a purchase after viewing negative information online.

Negative Information is just as powerful as positive in influencing consumers' purchase decisions

Where are consumers going to find information on the businesses, products and services they are interested in? The vast majority, 69%, are performing general research online on products and services. Sixty-four percent, 64%, turn to consumer or user review sites for information. Ratings websites, including Consumer Reports, Angie’s List and Yelp, are the top source for half, 50%, of consumers. Experts and blogs and articles are the preferred source for 43% and 42% of consumers respectively. Only 12% turn to social networks for opinions on what to purchase.

Consumers turn to product/service information and customer reviews, but blogs are gaining traction.

Consumers’ heavy reliance on online research and reviews means business owners need to be vigilant about brand management. Tracking online reviews and mentions of your business is essential to ensuring consumers find positive mentions of your business, products, services, and brand. Proven brand management software can make it easy to manage your brand. Qiigo Reputation Management captures online testimonials and reviews, local business directory listings, social media mentions, and provides competition monitoring.

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