Don’t Ever Hear “We Couldn’t Find You Online” Again with Qiigo Pay Per Click

Any Lab Test Now

Being a new entrepreneur can be scary, especially when you have your entire life invested in your business. When you are just getting started, or even when your business is more established, it’s incredibly frustrating to not hear the phone ringing. Then to hear your clients say “We can’t find you online” or “We didn’t know about your service” is enough to make a business owner scream! When Jana Braden of San Angelo, Texas heard that from her ANY LAB TEST NOW® and InShapeMD™ clients, she knew it was time to sign up for the Qiigo Pay Per Click campaign.


With no previous experience with Pay Per Click campaigns, Jana wasn’t really sure what to expect. What she has gotten is an amazing turnaround. On the ANY LAB TEST NOW® side, Jana says, “I am so pleased with the results. 90% of my business is coming from the Qiigo Pay Per Click campaign.” For InShapeMD, Jana is getting at least half her business from the Pay Per Click campaign. Jana now breathes easy and gets to hear her clients say “I found you online!”

Helping our franchisee partners increase their leads and get the phone ringing is one of our main goals at Qiigo. We understand that our success is tied to your success, that’s why we don’t just “set it and forget it”. The Qiigo team is actively engaged in monitoring all Pay Per Click campaigns. We are always looking for ways to maximize your call volume and minimize your Cost Per Click.

By eliminating bidding against other ANY LAB TEST NOW® locations, eliminating unproductive keywords and utilizing various techniques to stretch your monthly budget, we are working to ensure that each franchisee gets the most bang for their buck. Your dedicated Account Manager, Zach Dickens, is always available to answer questions and work through the various metrics to find the important and meaningful nuggets of information for your location. Of course, you can also get vast amounts of information from the online call dashboard and the weekly Desktop Dashboard that is emailed to participating locations. With so much information at your fingertips, you will never again have to wonder what is going on with your Pay Per Click campaign.

To sign up for the Qiigo Pay Per Click campaign, or if you have questions about how Qiigo can get the phone ringing at your location, simply call Zach Dickens at (888) 673-1212 Ext. 875.

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