Formula for Success: Dallas Soars to New Heights

Any Lab Test Now BuildingSuccess can be elusive. Finding the formula for a successful ANY LAB TEST NOW® franchise doesn’t have to be. If you model your location after the best practices of the top performing locations across the country, you will find that success is yours to be had. Building a successful franchise is about making the phone ring, engaging the customer and closing the sale. It’s a simple as that.

Jeff Nugent, owner of the ANY LAB TEST NOW® location in Dallas, has long been known as a leading franchisee. In March, Jeff transitioned to using Qiigo’s landing pages for his entire Pay Per Click campaign. The results exceeded even Jeff’s own expectations. The Dallas team answered 1,198 calls in March, a rise of 27% in call volume versus January*. That 27% rise in call volume translated to a 23% rise in sales, for total sales of $44,715 in the month of March!

This rise in call volume and sales was no accident. By working with the Qiigo team, and utilizing their tested and proven techniques for Pay Per Click success, Jeff is able to take advantage of the many benefits they offer. Qiigo’s Pay Per Click Analysts have developed heavily polished campaigns that are actively managed on a daily basis. This attention to detail ensures that each franchisee partnering with Qiigo has a campaign designed to achieve success.

The product specific landing pages that Qiigo has designed and tested are another key feature that franchisees benefit from. With each landing page localized to the specific store, no one location has a benefit over another. Each product specific landing page encompasses the crucial landing page design elements that are required to convert Pay Per Click traffic into qualified leads.

Jeff raves about the Qiigo landing pages saying, “The Qiigo landing pages are dynamite! From the look and feel to being fully transparent, they are superior from top to bottom.”

As an actively involved and driven owner focused on sales engagement, Jeff was focused on making sure that he got the most of the 1,100+ calls he received in March. With an average of just 2.3 rings per call, Jeff and his team are clearly answering the phone often and quickly. Answering the phone quickly and converting callers into customers is one of the keys to Jeff’s success.

Additional, Jeff’s view of Pay Per Click as an investment, not a cost, contributes to his success. His philosophy is that you should spend as much as your market can support because you will get the return on your investment many times over. By investing in his business, he has benefited greatly by enjoying increased sales.

You can share in this success by calling Qiigo today to set up your own Pay Per Click campaign. To get your location’s phone ringing, call Zach Dickens at 678.999.3941.

* Calculations were compared to January because the Dallas location was closed in February for four days due to extreme weather conditions.

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