Are You Missing Out on Google Tag Manager?


Perhaps one of the most underutilized features Google offers, Google Tag Manager (GTM) is easy, free and reliable. GTM provides marketers with flexibility and the ability to focus on marketing as opposed to marketing technology. With GTM, marketers can add and update website tags with ease and without expense.

Let’s take a look at why you should be using GTM.

Easy to Use. The easy web interface allows marketers to manage website tags. It’s designed to be easy to use so you don’t need to be in constant contact with your IT team. You can verify new tags are operational before you activate any changes to the site.

Works Across Platforms. Anyone can use GTM whether they use Google Analytics or another measurement program. Supported programs include Adwords, Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, GDN Remarketing, comScore, AdRoll, Bizo, and others.

It’s Free. Really, it’s free. Pretty limited risks associated with a free product. You get better management without having to hassle your IT team. It’s a win-win for sure.

Improves Universal Analytics. Google Analytics accounts are migrating to Universal Analytics and GTM is recommended when implementing Universal Analytics. With Universal Analytics, you’ll have access to new features including custom dimensions and metrics. Universal Analytics allows users to make changes within the GTM interface.

Loaded with Features. GTM is rule-driven. It allows marketers to create custom rules and macros. It also comes with a wide range of tools which make tagging significantly less complicated.

You can learn more about Google Tag Manger by clicking here.

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