The Importance of Bidding on Brand Keywords

BRAND on price labels

The positive results from your SEO efforts have your brand appearing at the top of the search engine results page. Great news! Now that you’ve made it to the top of the page are you thinking about cutting back on your PPC campaign? Don’t do it!

Running a PPC lead generation campaign in conjunction with your SEO efforts can maximize your efforts. Consider these reasons why a PPC campaign with an emphasis on brand keywords is important.

    1. Two Links are Better than One. It’s great to be listed at the top of the organic search result list, but who’s above you? When you bid on brand terms you can dominate search real estate by claiming the top two spots on the page. The paid search link is not likely to cannibalize the SEO link. In fact, the two links are more likely to work together to drive even more traffic to your site.

    2. Dominate the Competition. What happens when the competition buys your brand term and starts to show up above you? It can and will happen. Secure your space with a brand keyword campaign before your competition gets in on the game.

    3. Branding Matters. The largest and most dominant brands in any industry are asserting their presence by owning the top paid and organic search spots. This strategy can be successful for your brand too.

    4. Strategic Promotion. Paid search provides the opportunity for you to direct consumers to specific pages within your site. Use paid search to drive attention to new product offerings, promotions and special offers.

    5. Brand Keywords are Affordable. Typically bidding on brand keywords is less expensive than bidding on generic keywords. Lower CPC makes brand keywords affordable and effective.

    6. Brand Searches Indicate Intent. Consumers are most likely to search on product or service keywords during the research phase of the buying process. Once they’ve made their decision, searches shift to brand words. Position your brand to show up front and center when consumers are ready to purchase.

Is your brand running both organic and paid search campaigns? Looking for advice on how to maximize your efforts? Call Qiigo and let us help guide your brand with successful paid and organic search efforts.

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