O’Fallon, MO Off to Strong PPC Start

Any Lab Test Now Building

As more and more franchisees initiate their Pay Per Click campaigns with Qiigo, a full-service online advertising company and a required vendor, more and more success stories are developing.

One such success story is the O’Fallon, Missouri location, which implemented its PPC campaign on June 1. Since switching from a previous vendor, Eddie Merabet’s store revenues increased 180% from $1,600 to $4,600. Drawing success from keywords such as ‘blood test’, ‘DNA blood’ and ‘STD’, the O’Fallon location is pleased with the notable improvements in results.

“I have seen a very dramatic change from my previous campaign and vendor. I am getting are very solid leads,” said Merabet. “This is exactly what I wanted from a PPC campaign. Although I was skeptical at first, Qiigo has delivered on everything they have promised. I would recommend Qiigo to any franchisee.”

Merabet is able to verify that his leads were generated by his Qiigo PPC campaign by actively managing his store’s call dashboard, which is given to each store that starts a campaign. This real-time system updates as calls are received and provides useful information including reverse look-up caller ID, time and duration of each call, call status and call recording. Qiigo account holders are able to use this valuable information to make strategic staffing and marketing decisions, and most importantly, measure return on investment.

Unlike other providers, Qiigo’s PPC solution is adjusted on a daily basis by its superior automated system. Through constant monitoring, Qiigo can provide maximum value (cost per click) among all franchisees without the risk of bidding against other ALTN locations, or paying too much for each click. In addition to its comprehensive dashboard, Qiigo’s PPC data is integrated with our new Sugar Customer Relationship Management system, which will be available system-wide over the next few months. Your PPC information will help you determine which “keyword” is resulting in a sale (down to the transaction level), as well as keeping valuable customer data (including zip codes, phone number, etc.) to enhance your other marketing efforts. Qiigo provides an easy to understand system that allows you to easily navigate the often confusing world of online advertising (specifically, PPC).

But it’s all about results, or in marketing’s case, leads (or phone calls). It is estimated that your PPC campaign with Qiigo – given a $1,000 budget – will typically deliver 80 inbound calls per month. With your trained Medical Assistant and commitment to customer service, most of these calls will result in a sale, which will increase your revenues. Qiigo’s system offers accountability for every dollar spent, helping you maintain a profitably business.

“Utilizing a single PPC vendor allows ALTN franchisees to leverage the power of the group and take advantage of economies of scale. As franchisees and Qiigo continue to work together, everyone will benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the group. Additionally, individual franchisee locations will benefit from a lower monthly management fee as more franchise locations sign up and will no longer compete against each other for the click, thus driving down their Cost Per Lead. Furthermore, this consolidated PPC effort will protect the brand and better yet, increase leads at the store level by as much as 10-20% or more depending on the territory,” said Qiigo President Rick Batchelor.

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