Sarasota’s PPC Program Brings Instant Success

After purchasing the Sarasota store early last month, owner Patrick McManus is having success with ANY LAB TEST NOW®’s new Pay Per Click (PPC) partner, Qiigo. His PPC campaign began the same day his store opened (June 1), and the phone calls flooded in.

Any Lab Test Now Building

“Partnering with Qiigo has been great. Everyone there has gone above and beyond to help me get started and answer all my questions,” says McManus. “I knew that having a solid PPC campaign in place was important. Working with the team at Qiigo was absolutely the right decision. I couldn’t ask to work with a company with a better philosophy or quality product!”

In the first two weeks, the Sarasota PPC campaign generated over 45 leads with an average cost per lead of $7.66. From a small business standpoint, Cost Per Lead (CPL) is the most important metric because it means an action has been taken – the customer has made a phone call after clicking on the ad. On the contrary, Cost Per Click (CPC), another common metric, means the user “clicked on the ad” (the ad you paid for it), but no ‘action’ was taken. In comparison with PPC, the cost per lead for direct mail can exceed $38 per lead.

Qiigo specializes in centralized PPC and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management for franchise companies. As part of the relationship, Qiigo offers ANY LAB TEST NOW franchisees dedicated support, full integration with our soon-to-launch SugarCRM system, extensive real time tracking and reporting features (built into the system), call tracking (which records the phone number), incoming call for training and quality control, and reverse look up. The tracking data also tells franchisees which zip codes callers are coming from, providing insight for future marketing strategies and possible
location expansion. One of the best features with Qiigo
is its ability to help franchisees in the same city save
money by preventing them from bidding their PPC
campaigns against each other.

Because of the myriad of benefits with this fully integrated
solution, Qiigo is a required PPC vendor. If franchisees
are currently involved with another PPC vendor, it is
recommended to honor the duration of your contract and
migrate over to Qiigo after its completion. For franchisees
using another Pay Per Click vendor, those who sign up
with Qiigo before August 1 will have their Set Up fee
waived – a $300 value!

To get started with Qiigo today, please call our dedicated
account service representative, Zach Dickens at
(678) 999-3941.

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