Qiigo Featured on Street Fight Magazine

 width=Qiigo CEO, Rick Batchelor, was recently interviewed by Street Fight Magazine on how to scale company culture through rapid growth.


“Qiigo CEO Rick Batchelor has experienced a problem not all company leaders will admit to: disappointing employees.


Qiigo is an Internet marketing company for multi-location brands, 12 years old with just over 60 employees. Making everyone happy, including both employees and customers, can be difficult. After many years, Batchelor is honest about things that go wrong, and over time he’s found simple communication is often the best resolution to personnel issues.


Batchelor knows that employees are focused not just on their current jobs, but also on their future and their ongoing career paths. In this case, the employee didn’t realize that he had other options. He was beyond disappointed: He thought he was at the end of his career road….Continue Reading




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