Using Social Media for Branding Efforts


In the past, marketers have turned to print, television and billboards for branding initiatives. Today, social media is changing the way marketers approach branding. Brands looking to reach younger audiences can have great success using social media to enhance their image. If your brand is looking for a way to jumpstart their branding initiatives, consider these digital branding strategies.

    Identify a Strategy

    With so many social media platforms available, it can be tempting to pick the most popular options and start a messaging campaign. It’s important to research each platform and determine if your target market intersects with the platform’s user base. For example, brands targeting women would do well to consider a Pinterest campaign as Pinterest’s user base is predominantly female.

    Once you’ve identified the social media platforms that are best for your brand, it’s time to lay out a plan for content. How often will you post? How many people on your team will work on the branding initiative? What’s your budget? How will you measure success?

    Create Value Added Content

    Consumers are looking for valuable content. Your content strategy should make you a resource for consumers. Avoiding constant promotion of your brand is essential if you want consumers to keep coming back to your site. Content consumers can get excited about is more likely to be shared, thus expanding your reach and growing your list of followers. Strive for content that inspires, is thought provoking, eye catching, and useful to the consumer. Remember to use images in your content. Content with photos and videos garner more attention and are more likely to be shared.

    Stay Current

    The world of digital and social media is constantly evolving. Stay on top of current trends and developments. Be aware of what your competition is doing. Acknowledge and understand topics that are of interest to your target market.

    Acknowledge the Influence of Mobile

    Consumers spend more time with their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than they do their PCs. Your content must be optimized for mobile devices to ensure its reach and impact.

Brands using these simple techniques can effectively utilize social media for branding.

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