Mobile Ad Sales Rising Faster Than Expected


Mobile ad sales are reaching heights not previously expected for 2012. Once viewed as experimental, mobile advertising is gaining traction and popularity among advertisers.

eMarketer recently revised its projection for 2012 mobile ad sales raising it from an 80% increase to a 180% increase, which represents revised total mobile ad sales of $4.06 billion. Mobile advertising is projected to increase through 2016. 2013 mobile ad sales are expected to come in at $7.19 billion. 2014 mobile ad sales are expected to hit $11.14 billion and by 2016 mobile ad sales are expected to reach $20.89 billion.

The increase in mobile advertising’s popularity is being driven by Google, Facebook and Twitter who are all embracing the new medium. Google is taking the majority of mobile ad sales with $2.17 billion or 56.6% of the market. Other top earners in the mobile market include Facebook ($339 million), Pandora ($226 million), and Twitter ($135 million), and Apple iAds ($123 million).

Google and Facebook are expected to fight for supremacy in the mobile ad category with both companies viewing mobile as a must-win because consumers are spending more and more time on their smartphones and tablets.

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