Swim School Brand Sees “Pools” of New Business Through SEO and Web Development

The Ask

One of the largest swimming and water-survival instruction franchises in the U.S. was looking to use digital marketing to increase their lesson sign-ups and approached Qiigo to help them with developing stronger search rankings and a better user experience for their site visitors.

The Tactic

Qiigo designed a strategy that would help align the individual locations, giving them an increase in local search value. The strategy would also help amplify site content to increase search results and strengthen user engagement.

Website Development: Location sites were grouped into a subdirectory model by region, helping each location to increase local search rankings. By enhancing the sites’ search and page functionality, URL structures, and map listings, each location was able to increase their site engagement rates.

Search Engine Optimization: With an optimized website structure, Qiigo was able to provide unique content integrations that were designed to increase the sites’ overall SEO value and increase online visibility at the local level.

The Result

Through this unique strategy, Qiigo was able to provide the brand with a 90% INCREASE in their 1st page rankings as well as a 40% INCREASE in their position 1 rankings. By increasing the amount of organic search trac and implementing a user-friendly website structure, the brand was able to see an overall 30% INCREASE in swim class signups/registration clicks over the course of 6 months.

90% Increase in 1st Page Ranking

30% Increase in Swim Class Signups

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