Franchise Development

Find the Best Potential Franchisee Candidates with Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is not a storefront or a portal for selling franchises. You can’t build it and hope they will come! Brands must engage with potential candidates where those candidates live online and have a conversation.


We’ve seen online content grow from being only a research tool in the decision stage of the buying process to being to a means for touching prospects much earlier in the process. This evolution has made it critical to use a mix of targeted campaigns including content marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, retargeting ads and social media advertising to aggregate quality prospects. A comprehensive online strategy combined with a powerful franchise development subsite, website and/or the use of landing pages, the foundation is set to beat out portal leads that are often high cost, low converters.


Paid social advertising has become the most effective way to reach qualified prospects in the awareness and consideration stages of their buying journey.


Brands are accelerating their franchise development cycle by creating awareness online through pay-per-click campaigns, social media advertising and retargeting interested individuals with social media and programmatic ads reaching those candidates for further engagement.


Franchisors need to incorporate a comprehensive marketing approach to capture not just the quantity of leads desired, but the right kind of prospects that will help grow their business.



In 2018, franchisors will spend 52% on digital advertising for franchise development efforts. The breakdown is important to note.

  • Portals & Opportunity sites (22%) which is down from 2017
  • Social Networking & Paid Advertising (18%)
  • Pay-per-click (15%)
  • Franchise Development Website (13%)
  • Search Engine Optimization (10%)
  • Email Marketing (7%)
  • Remarketing & Reinforcement Marketing (7%)
  • Other Business Media (4%)
  • Digital Asset Creative (3%)
(Source: Franchise Update Media)


Spend a Fraction of the Cost of Portals or Traditional Advertising to the Masses.


Target specific groups of individuals who are already interested or who are a great fit for your franchise based on activities, lifestyle, or financial status. This saves a fortune in advertising dollars that have previously been wasted reaching mass audiences of consumers who would never be qualified candidates.


Our Franchise Development Professional Services include:

  • Website Development and Content Writing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Advertising
  • Programmatic and Retargeting Advertising
  • Geo-Fencing Campaigns for Events and Conferences
  • Full Consulting and Strategic Guidance


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