Local Listings

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Did you know:

  • 79% of people do research online before visiting a store
  • 20% of desktop queries have local intent
  • 50% of mobile queries have local intent
  • 15% of all local businesses are not even listed online
  • 53% of business listings online have an incorrect or missing address or phone
  • 80% of people have changed a purchase decision due to a bad review online


Online local directories have significant SEO value and dominate local search results. What happens when consumer searches result in inaccurate information? Incorrect or partial information, duplicate listings and closed business listings lead to consumer confusion and loss of business.

Qiigo Local Listing Management provides centralized management of online listings across directories, social media and review sites. Local Listing Management creates, edits, claims, and maintains online local listings for national brands, preventing you from having to deal with the frustrations associated with maintaining your online presence. With Local Listing Management from Qiigo, your brand will enjoy increased SEO value and improved brand consistency.

How Local Listing Management Works


There are over 1600 directories, social and review sites on the web. Any one business can expect to be listed on approximately 500 of these sites. For maximum impact and search value, it’s important your business is listed accurately and consistently across all directories, social and review sites. The more accurate and consistent your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) is across these sites, the higher your ranking on Google+. Continuous monitoring of local business directories is essential. Qiigo’s Local Listing Management does the work for you!

Local Listing Management fixes difficulties with:

  • Duplicate listings
  • Listings with incorrect or partial information
  • Orphaned listings
  • Lost passwords
  • Unclaimed listings
  • Brand inconsistency

While it seems like managing your online local directory listings should be a simple task, the truth is it’s time consuming. Local Listing Management should be part of a comprehensive, integrated strategy that also includes reputation management, social media monitoring and local SEO. Qiigo provides the integrated solutions that manage all these components and provide measurable solutions for your brand.

With Local Listing Management from Qiigo, you receive:

  • Unlimited number of managed directories
  • Single point of access via the Local Marketing Cloud
  • Management of orphaned, duplicate and incorrect listings
  • Single sign on manages username and passwords for all directories
  • Google+ page creation and management
  • Increased SEO value for Google+ account
  • Monitoring of changes to local listings
  • Monitoring of testimonials about your brand
  • Monitoring of local competitors
  • Ranking reports

How National Brands Benefit from Local Listing Management

Qiigo’s centrally managed Local Listings program provides the most cost-effective and efficient way to manage online local directory listings. National brands and chains benefit from centralized Local Listing Management by taking advantage of:

  • Boosts Local SEO for Google+
    Creates much needed Google+ citations increasing your rank on search engine results pages.
  • Capture More Real Estate
    Accurate and consistent local listings help your business capture more real estate on search engine results page. Dominate the first page of results.
  • Consistency in Brand Messaging.
    Minimizes the risk of off-brand messaging and communications.
  • Increased Brand Visibility.
    National brands and chains see increases in search engine rankings with Local Listing Management.
  • Promoting New Locations.
    Local Listing Management provides search engine value to new locations from Day 1.
  • Retain SEO Value.
    When a location is closed or resold, SEO value can be salvaged or transferred to the new owner.
  • Brand Level Reporting.
    Monitor the status of all directory listings from a single screen and drill down to individual location information as needed.
  • Time Savings.
    Managing online local directory listings is time consuming and can result in the need for additional FTEs. Let Qiigo manage it for you.