Local Marketing Cloud

Qiigo Local Marketing Cloud

All-In-One Local Marketing for National Brands

The Local Marketing Cloud delivers an all-in-one marketing solution for national brands. Take advantage of our robust marketing platform that supports a wide range of modules designed to help you drive business to your locations. With the Cloud, you can choose from our selection of available modules and snap in your own apps for a truly customized look and feel.

Get the Local Marketing Cloud!

  • Makes Internet Marketing Easier
  • Mix and Match Full Service and DIY Tools
  • Bird’s Eye View for National Brands
  • Genius Login for Franchisees
  • Eliminate Password Fatigue
  • Dig Deeper with Roll Up Reporting
  • Benchmark Your Franchisees
  • Full Brand Visibility
  • Comprehensive Brand Unity
  • Franchisee Accountability

Genius Login with the Local Marketing Cloud

Local Marketing Cloud Genius Login

Throw away that list of logins and passwords. You can manage all your mobile, social and internet marketing projects with just a single login. The Local Marketing Cloud makes marketing easy for both franchisors and franchisees.

Franchisors enjoy:

  • Ability to Mix and Match a Variety of Online Marketing Modules
  • Snap In Proprietary Applications
  • Roll Up Reporting
  • Franchisee Benchmarking
  • Enhanced Brand Unity
  • Accountability from the Top Down

Franchisees enjoy:

  • Genius Login for All Applications
  • Access to a Variety of Online Marketing Solutions in One Convenient Location
  • Manage Multiple Locations from One Location

Brand Intelligence with the Local Marketing Cloud

Brand Intelligence

What are your locations saying on social media sites? Are all your locations using the proper logo, authorized colors, fonts, and sizes? The task of ensuring brand unity is a thankless one. Every day you must be on the lookout for variations on your brand’s identity and attempt to bring them in line. If you have been overwhelmed by ensuring brand unity for your company, our Brand Intelligence system can do the heavy lifting for you.

Brand Intelligence delivers:

  • Insight into how your brand is represented online
  • Comprehensive brand unity
  • Roll up reporting with a detailed look at what your locations are saying and doing

Need to customize the Cloud to meet your needs?

Our Snap In functionality allows for full customization of the Local Marketing Cloud. Pick and choose from our modules or work with us to Snap In your own apps. Request Snap Ins for:

  • Brand Specific Applications
  • Social Media Applications
  • Local Listing Management

Would you like to know if your app is compatible with the Local Marketing Cloud? Just provide us with some basic information and we can start the ball rolling.