What is a Geo-Fence?

 width=Geo-Fencing is the perfect tool for small and large businesses looking to connect customers who are in a specific geographical area. It uses WiFi, RFID, or cellular data, to set up a virtual boundary around a location, triggering a message to the consumer.


Generally, we think of fences as something used keep people in or out a specific area. Geo-Fencing works the same way but in a virtual manner. Businesses can set up a virtual boundary around their location or a competitor’s location.


As you cross that boundary, a message or ad will be triggered to your device if you have downloaded their mobile app. Location settings must be turned on for Geo-Fencing to work, but it has been highly successful for businesses looking to target consumers in an specific area.


How Qiigo Uses Geo-Fencing


At Qiigo, we understand the importance of Geo-Fencing and how useful it can be to businesses. With Geo-Fencing and its precise targeting, you can see increases consumer engagement, boost brand loyalty, improve promotional response rates, and more.


Geo-Fencing can be used to target consumers in a wide variety of ways and across nearly all industries. Some examples include targeting consumers who are:


  • Traveling (at airports, car rental lots, or hotels)
  • Attending trade shows or conventions
  • Shopping at drug or grocery stores
  • Shopping at retail establishments or big box stores
  • Visiting health clubs
  • Interested in DIY projects
  • Homeowners


Businesses who take advantage of Geo-Fencing can expect to see benefits that are wide ranging. Geo-Fencing allows for pinpoint accuracy so you can control your spend. It allows you to set recency requirements for targeting. For example, you can target trade show attendees for the next 30 days. It boosts mobile performance and reach and allows you to target consumers who are driving through your area, but who don’t actually live there.


Geo-Fencing offers some really unique opportunities to improve marketing results and build brand awareness. If you’re not using this latest trend, now is the time to learn more and get started.




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