Brand Active: Google’s New Online Advertising Metric

Google’s newest initiative to standardize online advertising metrics comes in the form of Brand Active, a three pronged approach to measuring click-throughs and impressions. With Brand Active, Google hopes to “help brand marketers understand the language of digital,” according to Brian Zerg, Industry Director for Google. Putting numbers to the variables of “ad served” and “ads viewed” will help marketers to have a better understanding of what they received for the money they invested.

Brand Active is composed of three main components: Active View, Active GRP, and a survey pilot. Google hopes that Active View will become the new standard for online impressions across the industry and has submitted its model to the Media Rating Council. Active View is designed to provide information on the percentage of ads seen and the duration for which those ads were seen. It will count a “viewed” impression as any that is seen “at least 50% viewable on the screen for at least one second.”

Active GRP has been conceived as the online version of the television Gross Ration Point (GRP). Active GRP is designed to be a metric that translates between television and online thereby extending brand marketing’s reach more effectively. Active GRP will calculate reach and frequency in real time.

For more information on the Brand Active initiative, please view the video below.

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