Google Announces Q4 Revenue Numbers and Change at CEO Post

Google LogoIt was another record year for internet powerhouse Google. Fourth quarter ad revenues increased 26% over Q4 2009, to $8.2 billion. Full year ad revenues increased 23.4% to $28.2 billion.

Google partner sites did their share to boost revenue numbers by generating $2.5 billion in revenue in Q4 2010. This represents a 22% increase over Q4 2009. Both aggregated paid clicks and average cost per click were both up in Q4 2010 compared with Q4 2009.

Total Q4 revenue for Google was up 26%, to $8.4 billion, over the same period in 2009. Net income for Q4 2010 was $2.5 billion, up nearly 29% over the previous year. Total revenues for full year 2010 were also up, totaling $29.3 billion, an almost 24% increase over 2009. Net full year income for 2010 was $8.5 billion, an increase of more than 30% over 2009.

In other Google news, Eric Schmidt has announced he will step down as CEO to become executive chairman effective April 4. He will be replaced by cofounder Larry Page.

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