Plus Post Ads Transform Google+ Messaging

Google+ has announced the BETA test of their new promoted posts called Plus Post Ads. Promoted ads are nothing new to social media. You can see them on Facebook and Twitter. They allow brands to promote a message with the goal of driving engagement with social media pages and the brand itself. How will Google+ set itself apart with Plus Post Ads?

One of the biggest differences between Plus Post Ads and promoted posts on other social media sites is that you won’t see the Plus Post Ads in your Google+ feed. That’s right; your Google+ feed is expected to remain ad free! Plus Post Ads will be seen as display ads on the Google Display Network. The Display Network includes approximately 2 million sites making it possible for you to amply your message across the web. You can also target your posts to be shown on only those sites that meet your demographic or psychographic targets. The true value here is that the Plus Post Ads are viewed as real content making them more valuable than a traditional ad.

You can learn more about Plus Post Ads by watching this video:

The benefits of Plus Post Ads are expected to be great. Brands can use this new avenue to increase interaction and engagement with targeted consumer groups. Due to the fact that ads are actually posts, consumers can click on them and begin an interaction with the brand by commenting on the post. Plus Post Ads will increase exposure to a wider audience via the Display Network.

To make sure you are ready for Plus Post Ads, take these initial steps.

    1. Create a Google+ Business page.

    2. Create and share content on your Google+ page. Content shared on your G+ page will help to increase search results for your brand.

    3. Grow your Google+ network. Engage with the people in your circles and work on strategies to grow your followers. Work on creating content that encourages conversation and interactions with those in your circles.

    4. Work on strategic messaging. With Google+, you can target ads to individuals in different circles so considering crafting messages that target different groups.

    5. Create content with value. Don’t just send out messages just for the sake of posting. Your content on Google+ should bring value to your followers so they keep coming back.

How can you get on board with the new Plus Post Ads? You can request to join the Beta Test here.

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