Tips for Growing Your Google+ Audience


Building a strong and thriving Google+ community is a great way to engage your customers, build brand awareness, and develop a loyal following among your shoppers, vendors, and clients. If you are just getting started or even if you already have a Google+ page, you can use these simple tips to ensure that you are growing your Google+ audience.

    • Build A Compelling Page. Ensure your Google+ page is compelling. Chose a profile photo that clearly speaks to your store, business or location. Make it easily recognizable and dynamic. Add scrapbook pages that share information about your business, thoroughly complete the ‘About’ section, and don’t forget to add links to other locations across the web where you can be found.
    • Messaging Matters. Think about the tone of the messages you plan to disseminate via your Google+ pages and keep your tone consistent across time. Your messages should be personal and authentic, you want people to engage with you and feel a connection to your business. Consider linking your personal Google+ page to the ‘About’ section of your company page. This will help people to get a feel for who is contributing and will help to establish that elusive connection with your business.

Use Circles to Segments

    • Segment with Circles. Google+ Circles can help you to segment your messaging allowing you to tailor specific messages to customers, vendors, staff, VIPs, and more.
    • Frequency Matters. Don’t set up your account and then bail on it. Create a schedule and stick to it. Frequency of posting matters and your customers expect to hear from you with new and interesting information on a regular basis. Some recommend a daily posting schedule. Most posting is completed between 10am and 1pm.
    • Don’t Forget the Photos and Video. Photos and video are a great way to liven up your posting schedule. Having a sale? Post a coupon exclusive to your Google+ members. You can even edit your photos in Google+ so it’s easy to keep your posts vibrant and dynamic.
    • Keep Them Engaged. Use the +mention feature. Ask questions. Seek feedback. Respond to comments. Be an active member of your own community and your Google+ community will stay engaged with you.

Host a Hangout

  • Host a Hangout. Hangouts allow you to have face-to-face conversations with your fans and followers around the world. Host a hangout and enjoy the benefits of interacting with your Google+ community.
  • Get Your Badge. Your Google+ Badge that is. Installing a Google+ Badge on your website allows people to +1 and add you to their circles directly from your site. It also connects +1’s from your homepage with +1’s on your Google+ page and ads, increasing the number of recommendations for your site.
  • Spread the Word. Share your page with people you know by posting a link to your Google+ page on your email signature, blog, website, and other social destinations.
  • Take A Little Credit. Tag your online materials with an author tag so people will know what content was created by you.

Use these tips and you will be well on your way to creating a dynamic Google+ page. For more information on Google+ pages and other social media endeavors, contact Qiigo today.

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