Picnik Joins the Google Family

With its third acquisition in as many weeks, Google has announced its acquisition of Picnik. Picnik is a web-based photo editing application used by social networkers. With approximately 40 million visitors each month, Picnik is used to edit photos online prior to posting on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and Google’s own Picasa.

Google will likely use its technical background to improve the Picnik experience, boost membership and usage. Google’s increasing focus on SEO internet marketing and real time search results makes the acquisition of Picnik’s social networking base logical.

While Google is not expected to make any significant changes to the site in the short term, the long term expectation is for new features to be added. According to Brian Axe, a product management director at Google, “We’re looking forward to…improv(ing) the online photo editing experience…”

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