Find It On Sale At Google Products

 width=Those of us who hate to know that a good deal got away love Google Products. Google Products, formerly known as Froogle, is Google’s answer to the newspaper sale ads. Once again besting your local newspaper, Google Products allows you to search for any product you need and find the best pricing available anywhere online.

Available by either going directly to the URL or by clicking on the Shopping link on Google’s main page, Google Products is a bargain shoppers dream. Because Google Products doesn’t actually sell anything, you can be certain that they are going to show you a complete listing of prices available on the web. Simply enter the item you want in the search bar and get a lengthy list of locations that carry what you need along with their current advertised price.

Don’t have something specific in mind? Use the Popular Products, Seasonal and Checkout Deals tabs to get ideas for things you never knew you needed. This holiday season, Google Products is even offering a Holiday Gift Guides section. This section links to guides from Parenting, Popular Science and People making it easier than ever to check people off your gift giving list!

Serious shoppers can also explore the link. is “a personalized shopping experience, brought to you by Google, that lets you find and discover fashion goods through a collection of boutiques curated by taste-makers — celebrities, stylists, designers, and fashion bloggers. Boutiques uses visual technology to help fashionistas discover and shop their look and creates the opportunity for designers to showcase their collections and latest inspirations online.”

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