Keep Up With Google on Twitter

Isn’t it great when an internet leader and an internet up and comer can benefit from each other’s sites? That is what has happened as Google has embraced Twitter. As most of the world has, Google has become addicted to Twitter.

Over the years, Google has grown to be an internet industry leader. They are on the forefront of many of the online trends. As such, their company has numerous programs and initiatives that they want to keep the public aware of. Hence their large number of Twitter accounts. Google tweets about everything from news and personalized homepages to information for German ad agencies and Google activities in Australia and New Zealand. Here is just a small list of the current Google Twitter accounts. Have fun checking them out…we hope you learn something….and so does Google.

Central Account
User tips and updates
News, tips and tricks for visual image searches
Google News headlines
Information on Google’s personalized homepages
IT Solutions and Workspace productivity
Updates from the Google Earth team
Info on 3D modeling to build your own favorite places
Info for online publishers
Insights for website effectiveness
Information for UK tech advertisers
Information for German ad agencies
Google Webmaster Central
Info on web apps run on Google’s infrastructure
Information from Google recruiters

To see all of Google’s Twitter accounts, simple search for Google on Twitter’s “Find People” page.

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