Hyperlocal Advertising Drives Mobile Marketing

Mobile Advertising - Smartphones and Tablets

More consumers are relying on their mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, for information. By 2014, mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage. Mobile consumers also show a propensity for action. 90% of mobile searches lead to some type of action with more than half resulting in a purchase.

With mobile advertising becoming an increasingly important component of marketing campaigns, what can you do to ensure your mobile campaign is a success? Start by recognizing that mobile consumers are on the go and you need to tailor your message to meet their needs. The mobile consumer is looking for quick access to reviews, product information, deals, store locations, and phone numbers.

Advertisers can drive traffic to their mobile site by initiating a hyperlocal marketing campaign. When searching on a mobile phone or tablet, consumers are looking for locations, deals and information regarding local businesses. Offering local deals and season-specific coupons will drive more business to your site and to your bricks and motor location.

An essential component of mobile success is the mobile website. Hyperlocal ads will fail if they link to a website that doesn’t meet the mobile consumer’s needs. Mobile sites should load quickly and be easy to read. Because many consumers’ first point of contact with a company is the mobile site, it needs to be a welcome they are happy to see. Your mobile site must include content that is targeted at the active consumer, offer click to call and local extensions. Also essential is making sure any links are large enough to read and click with a fingertip. Don’t make consumers have to zoom in to read or click. Make sure your address, phone number or link to store locations is easily found and readable.

By targeting consumers with local ads and ensuring your mobile website is easy to use, mobile advertising success is just around the corner. Not sure how to get started with mobile advertising? Call Qiigo to learn more about our mobile ad strategies. Call us at (404) 496-6841.

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