Smart Phones, Smarter Ad Spending

BIA/Kelsey recently announced US mobile ad sending is expected to increase 406% by 2015. This represents an increase in revenues from $790 million in 2010 to $4 billion in 2015. This growth is expected to be driven in large part by local mobile advertising. Local mobile ads are expected to increase 600% over the 5 year period with from $404 million in 2010 to $2.8 billion in 201.

Currently local mobile advertising spending represents 51% of the overall marketing spend. However this number is expected to rise dramatically and share is expected to increase to 70% by 2015.

Over this time frame, the increase is likely to be impacted by small businesses joining the mobile advertising trend. “Local ads offer a higher degree of relevance,” remarks Michael Boland, senior analyst and program director of BIA/Kelsey’s mobile local media practice. “Advertisers are more likely to spend on local because users are more likely to click on local ads.”

Qiigo is on the leading edge of this trend assisting customers with launching their advertising campaigns into the mobile space. “We have already seen much success with our current customers participating in mobile ad campaigns. One of our customers currently generates 60% of their campaign calls from mobile ads,” says Rick Batchelor, CEO of Qiigo.

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