Mobile Phone Usage a Real Challenge for Retailers

Cross Shopping

Mobile handset use for retail and commerce is one of the fastest growing activities for US mobile consumers according to the analyst firm comScore. At first glance, this would seem to be good news for the retail industry which has been struggling in the recent down economy. However, upon closer examination, it is clear that the use of mobile phones in the retail environment is proving to be a challenge for retailers.

As more consumers are making the shift to smartphones, retailers have begun to actively seek mobile consumers. “More retailers have developed apps and optimized their sites for mobile browsing, making it easier than ever for consumers looking for product information or doing price comparisons to do so from their phones,” said Carmela Aquino, analyst for comScore.

What retailers are now seeing are customers actively using their smartphones to cross shop while in an actual store. For example, comScore’s recent report “2012 Mobile Future in Focus”, notes that in December 2011, 28.5 million shoppers used their smartphones to find online retail content, this represents an 87% increase over 2010. The study also reveals increases in mobile access to other commerce-related content over 2010 including:

  • 80% increase in electronic payments
  • 72% increase in classifieds
  • 70% increase in auction sites
  • 67% increase in shopping guides

US consumers have also been using their mobile devices to photograph products (20%), scan barcodes (20%), and compare in-store product prices with online lists (12%).

What is clear is that brick-and-mortar locations are now clearly in competition with online sites. Even when you have the customer in the aisle, you don’t have their complete attention. Traditional retailers must provide additional incentives to encourage consumers to shop and buy in store as opposed to shopping online.

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