Google Sees 32% Increase in Revenues

Google Sees 32% Increase in Revenues
Consumers clicked on 18% more Google-served ads in Q2

Google LogoGoogle recently reported $9 billion in Q2 2011 revenues, a 32% increase over Q2 2010. 97% of this revenue is attributed to the company’s advertising revenue which grew 33% compared to 2010 to $8.7 billion in the second quarter.

Revenues from ads on Google sites in Q2 were $6.2 billion, which accounted for 69% of all revenue.

Net income in Q2 was also up. The $2.5 billion in net income represented a 36% increase compared to Q2 2010. Google also spent $1.1 billion on sales and marketing, up 73% compared with Q2 2010.

Consumers are responding to Google ads

Consumers are clicking on more Google ads than ever before. In Q2 2011, consumers clicked on 18% more Google-served ads than in Q2 2010. The average cost per click also rose 12% for advertisers in year over year analysis and 6% versus the previous quarter.

Google paid 20% more, or $1.8 billion, to advertisers that used its AdSense product to run search and display ads on the company’s network of third-party sites.

Google continues to grow, adding 2,452 employees in the second quarter. This brings it total full time staff count to 28,768.

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