How to Align Marketing and Social Media Efforts

Harnessing the value of social media may seem easy, but when push comes to shove it can be difficult to keep up with your marketing efforts and interact on social media. Finding ways to align traditional marketing efforts with social media can bring added value to your efforts. Use these tips to bring synergy to your efforts.

  • What’s Old is New Again. Repurposing old content is like upcycling a window into a picture frame. Go through content you have in your files and see what is still valuable, timely and useful. Post videos to YouTube, presentations to Slideshare, photos on Flickr, etc. You get the picture. You can get more mileage out of content you may have forgotten about.

social media contest

  • Social Media Sells. Sales and promotions are ideal content for social media. Are you running a sale or discount? Don’t just email your customers; get their attention via social media. Show off winners of contests on social media. Many companies run contests where liking and sharing a post enters consumers to win a prize. These contests generate a lot of energy and can lead to more followers.
  • #HashtagIt. Hashtags have taken a little heat lately, but they do serve a purpose. Be sure to include hashtags in your marketing efforts. Hashtags are especially impactful when used in conjunction with sales or promotions.
  • Google+ Drives SEO Value. Google rewards you with increased SEO value when you use and maintain a robust Google+ page. The more +1’s and shares your content receives the more SEO value your page gains. Now with Google My Business, it’s easier than ever to see how your Google+ page is reaching consumers.
  • Be A Thought Leader. People need expert comments for a wide variety of reasons. Be the expert in your field. Follow social media sites of media outlets and journalists. Share their content and provide thoughtful comments to garner their attention. As you demonstrate your thought leadership you are likely to be a source they turn to for an expert opinion.
  • Social Media is Customer Service. Is there anything worse than logging into Facebook to see a negative remark from a customer? Don’t hide from these comments. Embrace them by responding quickly and finding a solution to the problem. Show the disgruntled customer, and all your customers, how you rise above by providing a superior customer experience.
  • Share the Love. Share testimonials you receive on social media sites. Just like those negative reviews provide an opportunity to shine, so can testimonials. Share with your followers the positive experiences of your customers.
  • Link to it! Don’t let your social media sites stand alone. Provide links to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social media sites in your email signature, email marketing, and via share buttons on email blasts. Build your social media audience by making your content and pages accessible.


Building a cohesive social media and marketing strategy can lead to success. Qiigo provides national brands with easy ways to post and monitor social media. Call (404) 496-6841 to learn more about our social media and reputation management programs.

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