What You Need to Know about Consumer Online Behavior

online behavior

Online research drives consumer shopping behavior. Consumers are heavily influenced by online reviews. Social media impacts consumer behavior and purchasing decisions. It’s clear that consumers look online for information and reviews. Let’s examine some important statistics regarding consumer online behavior.

    Online Experiences Drive Store Purchases

    According to Marketing Land, 91% of consumers have visited a store because of an online experience. As consumers, we spend a great deal of time researching products and services online. We look at brand websites, read reviews and seek advice from friends and strangers via social media networks. It’s no surprise that with the vast amounts of information available online consumers turn to the internet for data before shopping. Are your brand’s website and social media sites providing the detailed and accurate information consumers are looking for?

    Search Engines are the Go To Source for Consumer Research

    Eighty-nine percent (89%) of consumers turn to search engines to conduct product research. A focused lead generation and search engine optimization strategy can keep your brand at the top of the search engine results page.

    Online Reviews and Personal Recommendations Weigh Equally in the Eyes of Consumers

    A recent study on Search Engine Journal shows 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Your brand must have a comprehensive reputation management strategy that includes offering customers a way to leave reviews and an easy way to respond to online reviews as they come in. Qiigo’s Reputation Management system makes it easy for national brands to quickly respond to reviews.

    Brand Social Media Campaigns Influence Shopper Behavior

    Forbes recently reported that 78% of consumer’s purchasing decisions have been based on posts made by companies on social media sites. The content your brand posts online is truly influential. A commitment to posting quality, informative content on a regular basis can impact your brand’s sales. The content you disseminate should be valuable to the consumer.

With consumers turning to the internet for information, research and to shop, your online presence has never meant more. Qiigo can assist your brand with lead generation marketing, Local Listings Management, Reputation Management, and other online marketing strategies. Call us today at (404) 496-6841 to find out how we can help your brand capture consumer’s attention.

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