Digital Marketing Facts Check Up


As we near the mid-way point of 2015, it’s important to take stock of how the year has been progressing and what’s on the docket for the remainder of the year. As expected, digital marketing is continuing to have a significant impact on how we market our businesses. As more businesses add or expand the percentage of marketing spend directed towards digital, it’s a good idea to look at some key digital marketing facts.

    78% of Americans have high-speed internet at home.

    It turns out that high-speed internet usage varies greatly between age, race and geographic areas. According to the US Census Bureau, 88.5% of San Jose area residents use the internet compared to only 69% of Fresno area residents.

    More than 90% of Americans own a cell phone.

    When you see this statistic it is clear why digital marketing continues to grow. More Americans have a cell phone than high-speed internet at home.

    More than 8 million US homes have dropped cable or satellite TV.

    Those 8.6 million households without cable or satellite TV equate to 7.3% of households. The number of US households who cut the cable cord continues to grow. The widespread acceptance of streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) has contributed to the growth of those households without cable or satellite TV.

    Multi-channel usage exceeds 50%.

    More than half of all American adults report doing something else while watching TV. Top omni-channel distractions include email, talking or texting via mobile devices, surfing the web, and watching videos on mobile devices.

    TV advertising costs continue to rise.

    Even with the distracted nature of watching TV continuing to rise, TV ad rates are going up. Cable TV rates jumped 7.1% while network TV rates remained roughly flat.

    Nearly 25% of ad spend allotted to digital.

    In 2015, it is estimated that $183 billion will be spent on advertising with roughly $50 billion going to digital media expenditures.

How does your marketing plan layout for the remainder of 2015? Do you have a solid digital marketing strategy in place or are you looking to revamp the distribution of your marketing dollars.

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