Facebook Courts Restaurants in a New Way

facebook menu

Checking out a restaurant’s menu online has never been easier. Both Yelp and OpenTable allow you to view menus when searching for reviews on new dining options. GrubHub allows you to view menus and order directly from the restaurant via their site. Now Facebook is getting in on the restaurant action.

Facebook recently announced a new partnership with Constant Contact’s SinglePlatform services. With SinglePlatform, restaurants are able to upload their menus without having to type out the menu itself or take a picture of it. Those restaurants already using SinglePlatform will see their menus added automatically to their Facebook pages. This should help to increase dining room traffic. Combine the availability of menus with the ability to make reservations on Facebook via OpenTable and you’ve made it exceedingly easy to get into your favorite dining establishment.

As Facebook and Yelp continue to merge into the same social space, it will be interesting to watch what happens. Yelp is migrating toward a more social sharing model by encouraging more content contributions including reviews, photos and tips. Yelp even offers the ability for users to order food directly from their site; a move that should be on the horizon for Facebook.

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