Facebook Brand Engagement Spikes on Friday

Engagement is key when trying to reach your target market. The 2014 Adobe Social Intelligence Report revealed consumer engagement with brands on Facebook is highest on Fridays. Almost 16% of all impressions occurred on Fridays. Thursday and Saturday came in second and third with 14.5% and 14.4% of impressions for the week respectively.

The most impressions and highest engagement occurs on FridayOther reasons to love Fridays on Facebook:

  • 17% of comments occur on Friday
  • 16% of likes occur on Friday
  • 16% of shares occur on Friday


The report also showed that comments are becoming a larger portion of social engagement. Comments as a share of brand post engagement rose 16% year over year. Engagement with video posts is also on the rise, up 25% year over year. Actual video plays are up an astounding 785% year over year. Almost a quarter of all video plays on Facebook happen on Friday as well.

How can you drive interest in your posts? Posts with images continue to enjoy the highest engagement rate. Posts with links are also up, showing a 77% increase year over year. Text only posts continue to decline in both share and engagement.

Communicating with your brand via social media sites with Facebook is essential. Knowing when to schedule those posts is essential to engagement success!

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