Facebook Makes Form Fills Super Easy

Filling out forms on your mobile device is never easy. Flipping between keyboards for numbers or characters makes the process time consuming and open to errors. Facebook is making it easier than ever for consumers and businesses to share information via mobile devices.

Facebook’s new Lead Ads auto populates forms based on a user’s Facebook account data. The Lead Ads product has been in the testing phase since June and was rolled out to the general advertiser population in early October.

Leads Ads work on the simple concept that auto filled forms are quick and easy to submit. When using this product, consumers will see the name and email address they’ve provided to Facebook automatically provided in the form’s fields. Consumers can update or change any fields making it easy to customize the information provided to businesses. If everything looks good, the consumer only has to click the ad then click submit to complete the form.

facebook lead ads

On the advertiser side, Facebook has added the ability to include open ended and multiple choice questions to make it easier to get to the information they need. Advertisers can also add a disclaimer to the form if desired.

Advertisers are forbidden from sharing or selling the data they receive to third parties. Only the advertiser will have access to data submitted via Facebook forms.

With the typical mobile form taking 38% longer to complete than a traditional desktop form, the advent of Leads Ads should make it easier for consumers to supply information and easier for advertisers to get leads from potential customers.

More information on Facebook Leads Ads can be found here.

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