Capitalizing on Facebook Places Tips

The January launch of Facebook Places Tips opens up a whole host of ways local businesses can capture the attention of consumers. To review, Places Tips is a passive feature that pops up friends’ photos and other information about local businesses and points of interest based on a Facebook user’s mobile location. As Places Tips rolls out nationwide (it’s currently being tested only in select areas), consumers will prompted to view information, photos and sales about local businesses in their area.

places tips

Posting regular updates is important for a variety of reasons. You want to stay in front of your customer keeping your brand, location and products top of mind. As Places Tips reach your local market having a page that shows new content on a regular basis will give Facebook a reason to highlight your page.

There are several things you can do to capture the attention of Places Tips and therefore Facebook users. Start by checking your Facebook page to ensure it is up to date and that all relevant information, especially location info, is completed. While this seems basic, this simple task is easy to overlook.

As you post updates, think about important factors that may increase their exposure to your target market. Schedule posts for times when your customers are most likely to see and engage with your content. Use pictures to gain attention and use hashtags strategically.

Consider in store events as a way to grab the attention of Places Tips. Relevant and timely content is likely to be displayed more prominently. If a customer is near your location when a special event is schedule, Places Tips is more likely to highlight your content.

Use Facebook check-ins and user generated content to boost your page’s profile. You can post signs asking customers to “check-in” on Facebook when they visit your location. Some businesses even offer incentives for Facebook check-ins. It’s also smart to ask customers to leave a review on your Facebook page. Encouraging customers to post their own photos of your business or products while tagging your page is a great way to keep content new and interesting.

Finally, using Facebook’s promoted posts will help to demonstrate your commitment to providing relevant content. Promoted posts drive up exposure and can increase user engagement with your page thereby making it more appealing to the Places Tips algorithm.

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