Facebook and Twitter to Capture Third of US Digital Display Market by 2017

US digital display 2015-2017

2015 and 2017 projections for US digital display ad totals are out. eMarketer predicts that Facebook and Twitter will combine to account for approximately 33.7% of the US digital display market, or approximately $12.57 billion, by 2017. Total US digital display ad spend is expected to hit $37.36 billion in 2017.

This year’s numbers are looking positive for US digital display ad spend. Spending is expected to hit $27 billion in 2015 with Facebook’s portion totaling $6.82 billion, or about 25% market share.

Twitter is expected to capture 5% market share in 2015 or $1.34 billion. Facebook and Twitter’s market share is expected to continue rising through 2017. By 2017, Facebook should have nearly 27% market share and Twitter should rise to almost 7% market share.

The gains seen by Facebook and Twitter will largely be attributed to mobile marketing. Mobile ad revenues are expected to exceed desktop ad revenues for the first time ever in 2015.

eMarketer projects Google’s market share to remain relatively stable in 2015, at 13%, compared to its 13.7% share in 2014. By 2017 though, Google’s share is projected to decline to 11.1%.

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