Google Offers Gmail Native Ads to Advertisers

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Google is offering an updated Gmail native ad product for advertisers. The previous format allowed advertisers to place their ads at the top of users’ inboxes, but now AdWords users can display ads in a more appealing fashion.

Gmail Ads

This reinvented native format was released to help make it easier for advertisers to buy Gmail ads. Users will be able to view these ads in more appealing ways than those previously available.

The nature of these native ads encourage user clicks due to their placement on the page; they are now collapsed by default on the page and will only expand when users click on them. Ads will also feature a variety of extensions, including forms, images, and call-to-actions buttons.

Google claims that this new ad format will create greater informational and visual quality of landing pages. They will only charge advertisers when these collapsed boxes are expanded, keeping with the style of traditional AdWords pricing.

One of the most popular features of the native ads is their forwarding function; each ad contains a “Forward” link, allowing users to send the information to others. There is also a “Save to Inbox” link that lets them save ads just as one would save an email.

Google has made the purpose of these ads clear: The native advertising in Gmail shows higher quality ads that mesh well with the inbox layout. Gmail advertisers can use standard AdWords targeting options to develop their own personalized native ads.

Higher quality, customized ads will lead to a better user experience. Users will still be able to control which types of ads they see in their inboxes, retaining the customization aspect of Gmail. And these won’t appear in the inboxes of those using Google apps for Work.

Advertisers will be happy to reach audiences in a less intrusive way through this native ad format. As the update continues to draw in more advertisers, we’ll no doubt see more local advertising options become available.

Learn more about the updated Native Gmail ads in AdWords here.

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