Google Callout Extensions: What They Are and Why They Matter

When it comes to online lead generation, finding new ways to increase click through rates is always top of mind. Google’s Callout Extensions can help draw attention to your ads. Let’s take a look at how callout extensions work and why they are beneficial.

    What are callout extensions?

    Callout extensions are new to Google. They provide “additional text with your search ads that provide detailed information about your business, including products and services you offer.” Callout extensions can include text up to 25 characters.

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    Where do callout extensions appear?

    Ads appearing at the top and bottom of the Google results page can include call out extensions.

    What should be included in callout extensions?

    Callout extensions should include information that enhances your ad content. Content can include benefits of using your product or services, unique features, special offers (free shipping, price matching, etc.) or other information which may draw the attention of the consumer.

    What’s the difference between a callout extension and a site link?

    Site links are used to direct consumers to a different web page within the site which could be of interest. Callout extensions are designed to boost consumer’s interest of the ad itself thereby encouraging a click.

    Why should I use callout extensions?

    Callout extensions can help to increase click through rates.

Do you have questions about how callout extensions can help your online lead generation efforts? Call Qiigo today at (404) 496-6841 for expert advice on the use of callout extensions.

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